King Soopers Spending Card Program

How Does The Program Work?

Purchase a spending card from a member of the Foundation Board for $5.00. HCAC-F cards can be used to purchase anything at King Soopers, (including prescriptions and gas at King Soopers/City Market gas stations) except for services.  Health Care for all Colorado Foundation receives a 5% matching grant of the money "loaded" onto all cards.  This has provided us on an average $350 per month and the more you re-use the card by re-loading it, the more it will help the Foundation with its education and events such as the Annual Gala and the Fall Walk-Run.
Exempt Services: Western Union Money Orders, Ticket Master, Postage Stamps, Lottery Tickets and other Gift Cards.   These cards are also valid at City Market found in a number of towns in Colorado.

Reloading (Adding Value to the HCAC-F Card) 

Take the HCAC-F King Soopers Card your cashier and ask her/him to reload it BEFORE s/he starts scanning your items. You can use cash, check, or a charge card to reload any amount up to $500.00 total on the card. The HCAC-F card must be reloaded in a SEPARATE transaction by your cashier, prior to your groceries being scanned. There is no need to reload the HCAC-F card if you have a balance on it that will cover the cost of what you want to buy that day.

Save 10 cents a gallon on gas!

Credit for groceries (and many prescriptions) purchased at King Soopers will be placed automatically on your SooperCard (the card you scan first whenever you buy anything at King Soopers.) When you go to a King Sooper/City Market gas station, Shell gas station or Loaf 'n' Jug gas station, you can receive 10 cents a gallon off  the posted gas price, depending on how many credits you have earned. To buy gas using your credits, simply insert your SooperCard first at the pump, press the "outside credit/gift card" payment key, then insert your HCAC-F King Soopers Spending Card. The window will read "Do you want to use your $.10 reward"? Press the "yes" button and begin pumping gas. Your credits will be converted to cash savings at the pump automatically. For every $100 you spend on groceries, receive 100 points toward your fuel purchase. Links to the gas station locations are at the bottom of this page.   This applies only at King Soopers stations which accept the card.  (Most do.)

Earn Extra Gas Savings Points for Prescriptions

Every time you buy a prescription at King Soopers, you are credited with 50 points toward your gas savings credits. This is true for all prescriptions except those paid for under Medicare or Medicaid.

Funds for HCAC-Foundation

We receive a 5% donation from King Soopers on all money reloaded on HCAC-F cards. Your HCAC-F card will be worth exactly the amount you load onto it -- the 5% is donated entirely by King Soopers to HCAC Foundation. King Soopers also does all the record keeping! All we have to do is remember to use the cards for shopping at King Soopers.

Where Can I Use the HCAC-F card?
The HCAC-F King Soopers spending card is accepted at MOST Kroger affiliated stores throughout the U.S. These include:

Kroger * Fred Meyer * Ralphs * Fry's * Dillons

Smith's Food & Drug * City Market * QFC * Food 4 Less

Owen's * Foodsco * Hilander * Pay-Less * Cala-Bell

Baker's * JAY * Fred Meyer Jewelers * Littman & Barclay Jewelers

Making the Program Successful

Always use the HCAC-F card when shopping at King Soopers and affiliated stores. Buy gas at King Soopers/City Market gas stations using the HCAC-F card and save up to 10 cents a gallon in addition to helping generate funds for the Foundation! Consider buying extra cards for family, friends, college students and HCAC Foundation supporters to get them started in the program.

Additional Information

  • HCAC-F cards are great for budgeting! Put the amount you want to spend that month on your card - reload it the first of every month for easy budgeting.

  • Cards may become demagnetized. Have the clerk key in the card number, use the balance and purchase a new card from the Foundation.

  • Cards with a zero balance for 90 days will become inactive and you will need to purchase a new one.

  • Lost, stolen, damaged, destroyed or tossed cards will not be replaced by King Soopers. Please make note of the "gift card number" on the back of your card. If your card is lost or stolen, usually the balance on the card can be retrieved if you know the number that was on the back.

  • There are four different ways to check your HCAC-F card balance. It is always printed on the bottom of your register receipt; you can ask your cashier to check the balance on your card; visit; or call 866-822-6252 and follow the prompts to "check card balance".

  •  If you have any questions, please email

  • To find the gas station nearest you where you can use the HCAC-F card to buy gas, click on the links below:

    King Soopers / City Market locations

    Loaf 'n' Jug locations

    Shell gas station locations

Purchase your card for $5 by filling out the form below. A King Soopers spending card will arrive in the mail, pre-loaded with $5 in value. To maximize matching donations to HCAC Foundation, you should load the card as necessary and use it to purchase groceries and other items at the above listed locations.

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